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Still Using The Old Methods?

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The Open Conspiracy for One World Government

Is this coming true today?

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Edith Cavell & World War I

Hoover had also carried out a number of mining promotions in various parts of the world as a secret agent for the Rothschilds, and had been rewarded with a directorship in one of the principal Rothschild enterprises, the Rio Tinto Mines in Spain and Bolivia. Francqui and Hoover threw themselves into the seemingly impossible task of provisioning Germany during the First World War. Their success was noted in Nordeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, March 13, 1915, which noted that large quantities of food were now arriving from Belgium by rail. Schmoller’s Yearbook for Legislation, Administration and Political Economy for 1916, shows that one billion pounds of meat, one and a half billion pounds of potatoes, one and a half billion pounds of bread, and one hundred twenty-one millions pounds of butter had been shipped from Belgium to Germany in that year. A patriotic British woman who had operated a small hospital in Belgium for several years, Edith Cavell, wrote to the Nursing Mirror in London, April 15, 1915, complaining that the "Belgian Relief" supplies were being shipped to Germany to feed the German army. The Germans considered Miss Cavell to be of no importance, and paid no attention to her, but the British Intelligence Service in London was appalled by Miss Cavell’s discovery, and demanded that the Germans arrest her as a spy.


Sir William Wiseman, head of British Intelligence, and partner of Kuhn Loeb Company, feared that the continuance of the war was at stake, and secretly notified the Germans that Miss Cavell must be executed.

Note Well by JB: "He was afraid that the war would end!"

The Germans reluctantly arrested her and charged her with aiding prisoners of war to escape. The usual penalty for this offense was three months imprisonment, but the Germans bowed to Sir William Wiseman’s demands, and shot Edith Cavell, thus creating one of the principal martyrs of the First World War.

With Edith Cavell out of the way, the "Belgian Relief" operation continued, although in 1916, German emissaries again approached London officials with the information that they did not believe Germany could continue military operations, not only because of food shortages, but because of financial problems. More "emergency relief" was sent, and Germany continued in the war until November, 1918. Two of Hoover’s principal assistants were a former lumber shipping clerk from the West Coast, Prentiss Gray, and Julius H. Barnes, a grain salesman from Duluth. Both men became partners in J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation in New York after the war, and amassed large fortunes, principally in grain and sugar.

((How many Canadians died in this 3 year extension of the war?))

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Glen Beck Interviews Ron Paul

Interview #2
Interview #3
Interview #4
Interview #5
Interview #6
Interview #7

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Rockefellers Joked About Controlling the World

Rockefellers' Boast

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Interview of Michael Tsarion

What was on the missing CIA Tapes?


Tea Party Dec. 16, 2007

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Graham Confirms White House Cover-Up

Cover Up

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Global Warming Scam

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Can You Translate?

Regina Folk Festival

The Order of Death

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Hacking Democracy

This is the first video in a series of 9. You can access the others by clicking on this link.

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A Letter from a soldier to Ron Paul

A Soldier's Letter

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Winnipeg to be an Inland Port

Listen to Harper joking about an Interplanetary highway and Bush stating that he was amused by the speculation.

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The Hope for USA and the World

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