Monday, March 15, 2010

Result of a dream about a dream

Last night I dreamt that I had a dream.

In the dream I had devised a word game something similar to Jumbles.

There were 2 groups of objects. You were to make words using
the first letters of the names of objects in each group.

Then you were to chose one word from the first group which
commonly is associated with one word from the second group.

In my dream I awoke and was quite troubled that I couldn't
totally remember the details of the dream.

I do remember the pair of words was "water power". However,
I can not recall what all of the objects were.

This is the result of what I do remember of the dream that I dreamt.
It wiil be relatively simple because it involves only 3 letter words.

Try this and tell me what words you get.


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